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At Tru Dental, we offer a wide variety of comprehensive and advanced dental care for children, teenagers and adults. Our highly trained and experienced dentists and team are well versed in all aspects of general dentistry utilizing the most advanced techniques and technology available to provide you with your best smile.

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Fillings-Resin Composite

One of the most important reasons to schedule a regular dental exam is so your dentist can catch problems, like dental cavities and tooth decay in their early stages. Tooth-colored fillings (also known as composite resin) will fill and seal the area of the tooth that has been infected with a cavity. Fillings can also be used to repair cracked or broken teeth, as well as teeth that have become worn out from nail-biting, teeth grinding, and misuse. Fillings are often used to replace leaking amalgam or silver fillings that you may have had in the past. A filling is a quick, easy procedure and with proper care and regular cleaning visits, a filling can protect the treated tooth against further damage.


Dr. Garrett provides treatment for fillings under local anesthesia to avoid pain and discomfort. Once we are ready to begin treatment Dr. Garrett will use a drill to carefully remove the decayed area of the enamel. Then, Dr. Garrett will etch the tooth with an acid gel to help bond the filling material when it is placed. Resin is applied and hardened with a special light. Dr. Garrett will then polish and smooth the tooth with ta drill until the tooth feels natural and you can bite normally.

If you have been putting off going to the dentist or know you are in need of treatment to repair teeth infected with cavities call our office to schedule today. Remember it is important to take care of your dental concerns before they become more problematic. We are here to help!


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