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Patient Comfort & Amenities

We understand that it  isn't always fun for our patients to come to the dentist and sometimes that is the very reason why people avoid going to the dentist altogether. Thats why we have placed extra attention on ways to help make your visit more comfortable. We have included a list of comfort items we have available to ease your anxiety and help to ensure your experience will be more relaxing. Please feel free to request any one of these items for your appointment. 

-Noise Cancelling Headphones

-Movies OnDemand

-Complimentary Wi-Fi

-Cooling Eye Mask

-Stress Ball


-Aromatherapy (Assorted Variety of Essential Oils for a Calming Effect)

-Blanket or Weighted Blanket

-Neck Pillow

-Warm Facial Towels


-Video Games



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