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Zirconia Full Coverage Restorations

Full coverage restorations are commonly referred to as crowns and are often used with implants to replace missing or decayed teeth as well as anchors for bridges and partial dentures.

Traditionally, porcelain, porcelain fused to metal and gold have been the materials used to achieve the fabrication of a full coverage restoration. Unfortunately, porcelain crowns are prone to chipping and display of metal margins. Gold crowns often have an unsightly appearance and can result in negative allergic reactions.


Innovatively, the more desired material to use is zirconia. Zirconia restorations provide a natural look and feel without compromising durability and stability of the much-wanted long term restoration.

What is Zirconia?

Zirconia is a strong type of crystal that has numerous favorable qualities. Much like that of zirconia diamonds, zirconia is known for being long lasting and virtually indestructible. Besides its strength and durability, zirconia is compatible with the human body making its use popular in the medical and dental fields. Because of this there is a reduced chance of infection, complications, pain, and discomfort when receiving treatment requiring a full restoration.

Zirconia vs. Porcelain

Zirconia restorations are milled in a way that cause them to be nearly indestructible. They are resistant to extreme hot and cold temperatures lowering the risk of tooth hypersensitivity that can be caused with porcelain restorations. Zirconia restorations can withstand the most vigorous of chewing and biting functions. In fact, zirconia is 5x as strong as porcelain causing the material to be more resistant to chipping and cracking. Zirconia is recommended for all full coverage restorations.

Natural Look and Feel

You want all of your dental restorations to look and feel natural and we don’t blame you. Zirconia restorations are translucent being that they are made from crystal. During fabrication the clear, translucent appearance of zirconia allows for the perfect tooth coloring that best matches your natural smile.


Overall, zirconia restorations give you the durability, comfort, look and feel of natural teeth. For more questions, contact our office today.

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