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Mouth Guards (Athletic Guard)

Mouth guards that are used to protect teeth during contact sports like football and hockey or activities that may involve falling like skateboarding and biking. In addition to protecting the teeth, gums, and jaw, using a mouth guard has also been proven to help athletic performance by reducing stress. While there are several types of over-the-counter mouth guards that may be less expensive, custom mouth guards from our office are made from higher quality materials, that ensure your mouth guard will fit more comfortably, last longer, and offer better protection.

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Night Guard (Teeth Clenching, Grinding, Bruxism)

Many people are affected by bruxism, teeth grinding and jaw clenching and because of this they suffer from headaches, pain, inflammation, and sometimes even bigger oral health problems. At Tru Dental we understand the need for a good nights sleep so we customize your night guard with higher quality materials than over-the-counter night guards, and ensure your night guard will fit more comfortably while reducing the negative affects from people who have trouble with the issues mentioned above.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about mouth guards and night guards please contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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