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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide can be referred to by many different names, including inhalation sedation, happy gas, and most commonly laughing gas. Its main purpose is to relax patients for a short time during dental procedures. This is another way that Tru Dental helps to ease any anxiety you may have during your procedure and helping you to feel more comfortable. Nitrous oxide is a conscious sedation method, you will not go to sleep. You will be able to hear and respond to what is happening around you.

Once your treatment is completed the nitrous oxide will be discontinued and the gas and its effects will leave your body in minutes. You should have no lasting effects and will be able to return to normal activity. If you request nitrous oxide for your dental procedures, we encourage you to eat a light meal prior to your appointment as nitrous oxide may cause slight nausea in some patients.

General Anesthesia-Coming Soon!

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