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Cosmetic Dental Care

Veneers can be an excellent alternative for patients who are seeking to improve their smile appearance. If you are unhappy with your smile due to permanent stains, chips, natural wear and any other type of tooth imperfections, Veneers are a good option for you.


Our dentist will work with you to design and customize your veneers to your liking resulting in a revitalized smile by improving both form and function of your teeth.














Veneers vs. Crowns


While both veneers and crowns can be used to address some of the same dental concerns the two treatments are usually recommend in very different scenarios. Dental veneers are more appropriately recommended when correcting imperfections as they are designed to cover only the front of a tooth and generally are used to cosmetically enhance a patients smile.


Alternatively, dental crowns are fabricated to provide structural support and are typically recommended when a tooth has been severely damaged or decayed and in some cases are needed to replace teeth. At the time of your appointment our dentist will explain more about the differences between veneers and crowns and confirm whether or not you are a candidate for either procedure.


What to expect after a Veneer Procedure?


Once your veneers have been placed it is important that you maintain healthy routine care including brushing, flossing and regularly scheduled dental exams and cleanings. While the material itself will not stain or decay it is important to remember that you still have natural tooth structure underneath the veneer that is susceptible to all of the common dental concerns. In order to prolong the longevity of any dental restorations it is important to maintain a good oral health regime.

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