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DentalVibe Injections

At Tru Dental we understand that dental fear and anxiety commonly prevents patients from going to the dentist. That is why we strive for ways to constantly improve the patient experience and make your visit more comfortable. One of the most common causes of dental anxiety are oral injections. DentalVibe alleviates this anxiety by allowing our dentist and hygienist to provide painless injections while administering local anesthetic.


How Does It Work?

The DentalVibe applies light vibrations to the nerves and tissues surrounding the injection sight while the anesthetic injection is administered. Within 10 seconds, this signal closes the pain gate, blocking the sensation of pain in 94% of patients. Research shows that when vibration and injection sensations occur simultaneously, the vibration feeling reaches the brain first and essentially blocks the feeling of the injection from being perceived by the brain.

95% of patients who have experienced DentalVibe say it has changed the way they view going to the dentist. Gone are the days of your dentist or hygienist pinching your cheek and vigorously shaking to distract you from the impending anesthetic injection!

Contact us today for more ways the Tru Technology approach can change your view on how you experience going to the dentist.

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