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Portable X-ray Units and Digital X-Rays

We are invested in ensuring your dental experience is one of comfort and ease. 


Our portable x-ray unit is the next generation of intraoral X-ray systems. This unit is designed to allow our team members to stay with our patients during the capture of X-rays providing for a faster, more comfortable imaging process producing sharp high-resolution exposures. In fact, the time spent taking images is often reduced by half.

Digital Radiography is a new way of looking at your mouth-a procedure that is fast, comfortable and incredibly precise. Our dentist can clearly identify external and internal anatomical structures and accurately and effectively diagnose dental problems. The digital format instantly projects images taken for easy diagnostic evaluation improving the way we are able to care for our patients resulting in better dental evaluations and treatment decisions.

Our digital diagnostic technology provides unparalleled benefits over traditional radiography including convenience, comfort, accuracy, environmental safety and most of all 80% less radiation exposure for our patients. 

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